The Premier Private Marketplace of Mortgage Note Pools

NotesTrader™ is the Nation's Premier Private Marketplace of Mortgage Note Pools/Tapes accessible to qualified mortgage pool sellers, financial institutions, investment funds, asset managers, brokers and large private investors. Access our state-of-the-art trading platform for non-performing mortgage pools (NPL), performing & re-performing residential loan portfolios (RPL/PL).
Break Free from Tape!
NotesTrader™ created a cloud-based technology that makes importing bulk mortgage notes’ spreadsheet exchange simple, secure, and efficient....
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Expand Your Business Reach
NotesTrader™ helps mortgage note sellers reach qualified bulk note buyers while simultaneously giving those buyers the opportunity to bid on...
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Save on Processing Fees
NotesTrader™ helps both sellers and buyers save tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees...
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Shorten Your Buy/Sell Cycle
This is probably one of the most important concerns of mortgage notes traders — Shortening their trading cycle...
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Built-In Automated Tools
The NotesTrader™ platform provides both sellers and buyers numerous state-of-the-art automated tools ...
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Private Label Solution
NotesTrader™ also offers a Private Label Solution enabling asset managers, investment funds, and financial institutions to embed...
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Why NotesTrader™?
NotesTrader™ identifies buying and selling opportunities at a glance, allowing Buyers and Sellers to reduce administrative overhead and maximize profit.
NotesTrader™ provides built-in progress bars, status, and analytics for each Note Tape and offer.
NotesTrader™ is a cloud application that provides premier security and connectivity to industry buyers, sellers, and selected providers.
Onboard and offboard mortgage notes in minutes. Private dashboard provides intuitive online wizards, trade/negotiation and other advanced import tools.
Whether you have 10 or 10,000 notes, your data is displayed and managed with ease. NotesTrader™ gives mortgage note buyers and sellers a competitive advantage.
Boarding Note Tapes on NotesTrader™ is simple and FREE. Sellers pay a nominal fee only for completed sale transactions. Buyers get free access to our full-feature trading platform.

NotesTrader™ for Brokers
Broker's Ultimate Solution NotesTrader™️ offers innovative solutions to help bulk mortgage notes brokers find qualified buyers for note listings; manage offers, documents and messages; and close sales using a single sign-on dashboard. Brokers achieve better prices for their listings, while buyers get access to state-of-the-art due diligence and management tools.